Can you ever eat too much fruit?


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We have been told that fruits are good for us, as an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Eating more fruits proves to be an excellent way to improves one’s health and reduce the risk of diseases, and that is why everyone’s parents have bent over backwards to ensure that their kids are eating enough fruits as they grow up. But did you know that too much of fruits can also be bad?


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In general, fruits tend to contain vitamin C, potassium and folate, which many of us do not get enough, making it the best form of snacks there is. Fruits are also high in fiber, which helps in lowering down cholesterol level and reducing weight. However, that last part in the last sentence have led more people to consume fruits in a huge amount, or only consume fruit on its own, without realising that the high content of fiber could also cause stomach discomfort, diarrhoea, heartburn and nutrient deficiencies.

And surprise – it could disrupt your so-called weight-losing programmes too! If you make fruits your staple for every meal and snack, you might simply be eating too many carbohydrates. Plus, too much fruit will spike your blood sugar, triggering your body to release insulin to lower it by converting it to fat for storage!

While eating fruit does spike your blood sugar, it also will not sustain for long. You might be satisfied for half an hour or so before your tummy starts growling, because fruit doesn’t have enough protein or fat to keep us full. One would experience crash in blood sugar, subsequently gets hungrier and craves for more sugar – which does not sound good for people with diabetes.

So, if eating actual fruits could lead us to such a fake short-term satisfaction, would it be better to choose fruit juice instead? Not really. While it is a much simpler and easier option, however, drinking fruit juice is different from eating actual fruits too, because it takes out the fiber and solid parts that help control its high simple sugar contents.

The best would still be the fresh actual fruits, but within the controlled amount. Too much of anything can never be good. Practise balanced meals and not just focus on certain forms of diets. And no matter how good a diet tip is, just remember, different body works differently. So, the most important reminder is – listen to your body. It always tells us when something is not right, so you must know when to stop.

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