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For smokers, to hear people telling them to stop smoking must be a broken record by now. Everyone must be saying that cigarettes are dangerous, not only to them, but also everyone around them. It is easier said than done, cliché but true. So if you want to make a smoker to quit, other than just stating the obvious, you might want to start telling them, with facts and statistics, exactly why it is dangerous.


Experts from the Health Education Authority (UK) say, tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 different chemicals, with at least 43 of them are found to cause cancer. Among these chemicals, the most talked about are tar and nicotine. 

Does Your Cigarette Contain Tar?

The answer is YES. Even though the tar that is found in a cigarette is not the same one used to build roads, that is not an excuse for a relief just yet. While having an external effect by marking the smokers’ teeth and fingers with hideous yellow-brown stains, the same tar is also the primary cause for cancer-related diseases. If that is not scary enough, the NHS in Scotland has also found it as a culprit that could narrow down our bronchioles (which are supposed to help you absorb oxygen), and damage our cilia (which protects our lungs from dirt and infection). 

Do You Really Know What Is Nicotine?

Now what is up with tar’s bff – the nicotine? In general, nicotine is a stimulant drug that speeds up the messages travelling between the brain and body. In simpler word, it is supposed to help you focus. And while this natural compound is addictive, that is not what makes it dangerous, surprisingly. Just a slightly too much of it could cause you countless harms. According to the US FDA, nicotine could disrupt teen’s normal brain development and cause long-lasting effects, affecting your mood and impulsivity, and not in a good way. The negative impact of nicotine in pregnant moms is even greater. It could cause low birth weight and even lead to respiratory failures.


But how does such a tiny paper stick could contain such hazardous ingredients? The answer is burning, aka the ultimate agent of disaster.

Burning Is Harmful!

When tobacco is burned, it creates over 7,000 dangerous new chemicals, and just one puff could also release more than 70 cancer-causing chemicals! And as these puffs are released to the surroundings, they bring with them a long list of chronic smoking-related diseases such as cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), heart diseases, stroke and many more – harming not only the smokers, but also anyone that passes by and shares the same polluted air! 


If these 7,000 reasons are not enough, or they’ve tried and failed after so many attempts, they should avoid cigarettes that contain tobacco AND involve burning. Switch to less risky options, like the e-cigarettes or HNB (heat-not-burn) alternatives that do not burn tobaccos, thus do not produce carbon monoxide and other dangerous chemicals. 


Before more from the list of diseases start to play catch-up with you, do yourself and your loved ones a big favour – tell that man in the mirror, stop singing and start acting!













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