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The move to increase cigarette prices and taxes, or to ban selling among certain group age is commendable, but not really the ideal solution. Instead, this plan could backfire as it might encourage them to turn to illegal cigarettes. For context, an estimated 59% or 7.9 billions of cigarettes sold in Malaysia were illegal cigarettes, as stated by the Oxford Economics. This has also put us at No.3 among 11 Asian countries, beating the likes of Brazil, Panama, Ecuador, UAE and many others in the world.


Illegal cigarettes are divided into 3 categories:

• Contraband : Cigarettes that are smuggled from abroad without clearing domestic duties

• False : Cigarettes that are manufactured without authorisation holder, intended to deceive consumers

• White smuggled cigarettes : Brands that are legally manufactured in one country, but smuggled and sold to others without paying duties


illegal cigarettes


All cigarettes are harmful, but illegal cigarettes are a whole new level. While we are made aware of the harms behind the burning of ingredients in a cigarette, there is literally nobody to check what is inside an illegal cigarette, or which ingredients are being used in the making of it. As far as we know, it may contain unfiltered, uncontrolled, or prematurely processed ingredients, which could also possess higher levels of toxic components. 


The harms? Think of all the deadly diseases from smoking, such as lung, mouth, throat, breast or cologne cancer, and times them by two. Also on the plate are some sexual-related diseases, and even more frightening – hygienic issues. Some illegal cigarettes, due to their nature of being improperly packed and stored, have been found to contain poisonous asbestos, mould, dust, dead flies, rat droppings and even human excrement; packaged with a whole new set of potentially fatal illnesses that might not even be found in the legal ones. 


smoke free alternative


Therefore, switching to illegal cigarettes does not really make you smarter – only stopping it altogether does! Alternatively, some smoke free products could be equally cheaper in a long term, and more importantly scientifically proven to be better than continuing to smoke cigarettes. Ultimately, quitting permanently is definitely smarter.











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