Vaccination has become one of the most talked about topics nowadays, not only in our country but worldwide. Some countries, especially in Europe, have achieved herd immunity, where majority of their citizens are vaccinated, enabling most social activities to carry on as they used to, allowing them to go back to their old normal lifestyle with close to no restrictions. Aren’t we all envious with that?

The general answer is no.

There is no known evidence that smoking, be it tobacco or vape, to have a direct interference with the efficacy of the vaccine. However, that should not be taken as an endorsement to continue smoking. In fact, it should be the contrary. We are aware that vaccines do not totally stop Covid-19 from re-infecting someone. We also know that smokers have higher risk of experiencing sever illnesses if contracted with the virus, as their lungs capacity will greatly decrease compared to clean, healthy lungs. Even though there are no proven studies, but some medical experts shared the same opinions that smoking could affect our immune system, thus tampering with the course of the two vaccines.

That is why some developed countries like the USA decided to prioritise smokers for vaccination – not to encourage them, but to reduce harms from the potentially worse symptoms that could hit them, which may cost the governments even more in the long run.

Having said that, this period of pandemic should be seen as an opportunity to quit smoking. Keep our body clear from harmful substances, as we do not know how bad the virus could affect us even in a healthy state. If that is too challenging, try slowing down on cigarettes and vapes, at least throughout this pandemic. Allow our system to fight infections optimally. Because when all this ends, all we really want is to be able to breathe in fresher air, with no face masks getting in the way… let alone cigarettes.

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Story Involving Vaccine and Tobacco Usage

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