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It is not a hyperbole to say that every adult is bound to have their own car someday in their life. Some that can afford to go for new cars, good for them. But some would prefer starting off with used cars. Yes, you can almost always get your dream cars with (supposedly) better specs for much lower prices by turning to used cars, but you should also expect for the risks to be significantly higher.

First off, we should always remember that while people sell their cars for various reasons, not all reasons are good ones. Nobody is going to sit by and check on you after you bought their cars. Once it is sold, the car and all its history and defects will also be owned by you. That is why choosing wrongly might not only affect us financially but could also be dangerous or even fatal. 

There are a few aspects to look at, in choosing a good car and avoid exposing yourself to unwanted harms. Firstly, identify the car’s market value. If it’s way too low than the market price, you can tell that there must be some ulterior reasons why. You might feel fortunate to be paying a low price today, without realizing that you could end up paying more than expected in the long run for the maintenance. Remember, cheap things are not always good, while good things are not always cheap. 

Secondly, thoroughly inspect the whole car for tear and wear inside out. Even if you’re a car enthusiast with an online motorsports degree from the University of YouTube, it is better to seek help in doing so from the professionals. Almost all car workshops provide services for this kind of inspections, if the seller does not.

Thirdly, get the car’s complete repair history to avoid buying stolen cars. According to Bukit Aman, one car is being stolen in Malaysia every one and a half hour. You surely do not want to be part of these statistics, do you? Remember to connect the dots between the relationship between a car’s age and its mileage. One car usually travels around 10,000 km a year. A used car with the age between 5 and 8 years will have clocked 50,000 km to 100,000 km in mileage. Too far lower or higher? Red flag.

If any of these aspects is not met, always be ready and firm to say NO. According to Federation of Motor and Credit Companies Association of Malaysia (FMCCAM), around 400,000 used cars are available for purchase every year. So, if this one does not work out, fret not, you still have 399,999 cars to look at!.

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