Car Accessories: The Cutest Hazards


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Malaysians just love accessorizing. Themselves, their homes or even their pets – nothing seems to escape it. And if they’re a driver, their car can probably be a stand-in for the National Day parade. 

Accessories are generally practical decor. They can make your car look better, while being useful at the same time. They can be as big as fluffy cushions, or as tiny as beads. But when you purchase these accessories, what was your first thought – is it its functions, or its cuteness or brands? The latter would obviously be the popular honest answer. Has it ever occurred to you that most of them are not properly mountable, and crowding your car with such accessories could potentially bring unforeseen harms?.

Now how do we keep our car stylish, without jeopardising our safety? It is quite simple. When buying your car accessories, make sure you buy from a proper outlet. These outlets know which materials are good and safe to go, while keeping the safety intact. Not only you’ll get yourself some cool accessories, but they’re guaranteed to be functional too.

For example, the soft cushions. Yes, they are meant to add more cosiness to our bottoms, but more often than not, they are made from slippery materials that will skid and throw the driver off the course. Another example could be the floor mat. While they are meant to protect the floor of a car from dust and dirt, a wrongly fitted floor mat can easily block the space between the pedals at your feet, setting up a death trap. 

Scary, right? Well, those are just the functional ones. What about the small accessories that are meant for the cuteness? When a car moves, everything in it moves at the same speed. But when the car stops, everything else tends to keep moving. And with big enough momentum, all these tiny items could move at a bullet’s speed towards the driver and the passengers.

Always equip yourself with knowledge on auto accessories, and how to decorate your automobiles properly. You will be surprised to know that there are so many ways to let your car still look all cute, while not driving yourself into a death parade.

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