Is It True That Leaf Cigarettes Are Less Toxic?


Smokers's fact and fiction

Surely everyone is aware of the increase in the price of cigarettes these days. In fact, Malaysia is now the 57th most expensive cigarette in the world! Wow! But, ironically, the number of smokers in our country is only projected to decrease by 19.6%, still far from the WHO target for us, which is a 30% decrease by 2025!.

2 types of cancer-causing chemical

namely polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and tobacco specific N-nitrosamines (TSNA).

Combustion of tobacco

Capable of triggering more than 63 cancer-causing chemicals (seems to have been repeated dozens of times in this column).

Cigarette leaf

More risky because there is no proper quality control or inspection. The picking, drying and packing process is done without proper regulation

Cleanliness effect from cigarette leaf

Any issue of cleanliness or direct pollution cannot be identified, at the same time inviting various other diseases due to material pollution, including cholera and so on


Cigarettes price

0 th
Most expensive cigarette in the world
0 %
Number only projected to decrease
0 %
Target to achieved before 2025

The increase in the price of cigarettes is also seen to have some direct effects. In addition to encouraging the sale and purchase of contraband cigarettes on the black market, the demand for leaf cigarettes also suddenly increased. This is not so surprising, because leaf cigarettes that have existed in our market long before these commercial cigarettes are more easily available in retail stores. The price is also much cheaper considering that it is made from cheap materials on a small scale – only tobacco and nipah leaves are needed.

Electronic cigarettes (vape) or heated tobacco products (heated tobacco products, HTP) still remain better alternatives. Since this smoke-free alternative like HTP does not involve combustion, it is 95% safer than regular cigarettes, as Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, Greek cardiologist.

Keep in mind – 3,500 out of every 100,000 deaths in Malaysia are related to smoking according to the Malaysian Ministry of Health’s own records. So, the best way to reduce the risk of smoking is to continue to quit, but for heavy smokers who want to enjoy tobacco products, can try to switch to alternative products that do not involve any burning by releasing risky smoke.

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