Electric Cigarettes: What Is The Difference From Normal Cigarettes?


Main Ingredients for Smoking

Smoking is harmful to health. Combustion of tobacco, which is the main ingredient in a cigarette, can produce thousands of chemicals; each of which can bring the risk of chronic diseases to the smoker, such as cancer and so on. For those who managed to quit smoking immediately, well done. But not everyone is able to do that, after years of practicing it. Therefore, the majority of smokers turn to a lower risk alternative, which is electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes replace tobacco with a flavored liquid, and produce only water vapor instead of smoke containing carbon particles from combustion.


Flavored liquid, and produce only water vapor instead of smoke containing carbon particles from combustion.


Most dangerous element inside cigarette which become harmful if not control strictly.

Alternatives cigarette

Alternatives do not burn, so only steam or 'vapour' is produced, instead of harmful smoke.

The most popular reason – nicotine content. Although still risky, but in fact nicotine is not the cause of chronic diseases caused by smoking. Our daily foods such as tomatoes and yams also contain nicotine. The treatment process to stop smoking also uses nicotine patches. In fact, the nicotine content in electronic cigarettes, if any, does not affect health. But if still in doubt, an electric smoker can simply choose a flavor that does not contain nicotine. To be even safer, choose a legitimate and trusted flavor brand, to ensure that the content is truly guaranteed. Avoid private label flavors. 

Another reason given is the safety of the device or ‘pod’ itself. There have been reports of electric cigarette pods exploding when charging or ‘suddenly’. If seen, just like a mobile phone, an electric cigarette has a space to charge and store the battery. So, the way of care and use is also more or less the same. Do not overcharge, and do not store in a room that is too hot. And again, buy pods from legitimate and registered premises. Absolutely avoid buying modified pods, loaded with electronic components that are not only useless but also risky. Choosing an alternative to tobacco cigarettes is a good step in reducing the harm caused by smoking habits. But at the same time, exercise caution, so as not to mistakenly choose the greater danger. In the meantime, keep trying to quit, because that’s the best way.

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