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Statistics from the Ministry of Transport record that almost 80 children aged 6 to 10 years old die as a result of road accidents every year. Most cases of fatal accidents involving children are due to the victim being thrown from the passenger seat, either into the windshield or directly out of the vehicle.sxz

Duration Micro Sleep

Usually occur between one second and two minutes, but usually occur within 10 seconds.

Micro Sleep Occur

When driving to a distant destination for a long period of time


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All fatal accidents in Malaysia are caused by micro-sleeping!
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If you are too sleepy during the day, take a 'power nap'

As a measure to reduce the danger of accidents to children, the government once proposed to make it mandatory to install child safety seats in vehicles. Unfortunately, the campaign hit a dead end after only 25 percent of parents complied. Financial factors are often used as the main reason, even though these chairs can be found in the market for as low as RM200, slightly more expensive than the entertainment package that is subscribed to every month!.

In fact, the biggest constraint is the lack of information on the importance of child safety seats, as well as how to choose the right model. Parents who can afford it, tend to buy comfortable, sophisticated and child-friendly, while the most important feature is safety. Make sure that this seat can be installed neatly in the car, is SIRIM certified and meets international standards for the installation of child seats in vehicles or ISOFIX. For babies, choose a rear-facing model. Make sure your little one is in the back seat, NOT the driver’s side, as airbags can be life-threatening. If you want to save more, choose a model that can be turned forward and backward, so that you no longer need to buy a new model when your child grows up.

The second biggest challenge is that children like to cry and throw tantrums when put in a safety seat. So it is important to train your child from the beginning. Do not pick up no matter how bad he cries and rages. It’s better for him to cry today, than for you to cry all your life, right? As a tip – make sure he’s full before starting the journey so he’s less irritable. Parents-to-be can also start practicing how to install and tidy up the baby seat from now on, without having to wait until your baby is born.

Sacrifice a little for the lives of our children. Start your steps today, because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow or later.

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