Flood Tragedy

The flood tragedy that brought the curtain down on 2021 has shocked the whole country. According to the former Director of the Automotive Engineering Division of JPJ, Prof. Datuk Ir. Mohamad bin Dalib, it is estimated that more than 50,000 vehicles have been damaged due to the natural disaster, with the average repair cost estimated to reach up to RM30,000 each. Furthermore, driving a car that has been damaged due to flooding not only requires high expenses, but also a danger to yourself and other road users.

Car Weakness

Every vehicle definitely has a blind spot. The bigger the size or dimensions of a vehicle, the bigger the blind spot,

New Technologies To Help Blind Spot

Gadgets that detect the movement of vehicles and people around our vehicles


Risk of blind spot

Blind spot crashes in United States each year
Fatal from blind spot crash

This dilemma can haunt anyone, because this natural phenomenon is very unpredictable. However, one big lesson we can learn from this tragedy is the importance of being careful before you get hurt. All the damage and costs arising from it can be avoided, or at least minimized with just a few preventive measures.


Suitable Location

Park in high places, and avoid low areas where water easily stagnates.


Precaution Before Flood

Covering or plugging the exhaust pipe with a pipe, tennis ball or anything, before leaving the vehicle.


Accessories Inside Car

Removing the battery terminals (or even the computerized chip, for some electric cars).


Don't Leave Valuable Thing In The Car

Remove and avoid keeping documents or valuables in the vehicle.


Alert And Move Fast

Do not try to wade through the flood; get out immediately to a safe place.


Engine Can Cause Heavy Damage

Never try to start the engine; this is the ‘biggest taboo’ for vehicles that have entered water.


Insurance Cover

Contact the insurance company and make a police report; Do not forget to submit complete documents. 


Registered Workshop

Send the vehicle only to a workshop registered as our insurance panel; use a tow truck, never try to drive yourself.

Next, if your vehicle is successfully taken to the workshop, make sure the workshop disposes of all the oil until it runs out. This is because the oil tank is often located at a low level, so the possibility for it to enter water is very high. Also, make sure all electronic components and equipment are unplugged and dried, and still working properly before reassembling. Remove the cushions and make sure they are completely clean and dry before reinstalling to avoid rust later on. Wash the whole car to avoid the effect of water and mud damaging the car’s body and components if left to stick for too long, especially in the hidden parts.

Often as soon as the flood season is over, we will be able to see many used vehicles being sold much cheaper than before. Check it very carefully, or avoid buying it, even if it is sold in unaffected states. According to Berita Harian sources, the number of Malaysian drivers who obtain natural disaster protection for their vehicles is still below 10%. Following what happened, all vehicle owners should get an insurance package that offers protection against natural disasters starting today. With just an extra few tens or hundreds of ringgit a year, you may be able to avoid losing tens of thousands of ringgit later on.

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