Durian And Its Myths


Durian's Belief

There are various opinions about durian. Some of them just don’t make sense. Some say that if durian is eaten with certain foods such as medicine or coffee, it can lead to death. If eaten with milk, it is dangerous for the stomach. Some say that durian is a ‘hot fruit’, so it should be paired with a ‘cool fruit’ such as mangosteen.

Propaganda Of Durian

Do not take medicine after consume durian.

Benefit Of Durian

Contains various vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. It can help the digestive process.

In fact, there are no terms hot fruit and cold fruit in the field of modern medicine, and there are no scientific studies to support the myth. Perhaps due to the coincidence that durian and mangosteen fruit in the same season, so this belief is applied to avoid wasting!.

Durian also has high fiber. If you eat too much, it can make your stomach bloated and uncomfortable. If you eat durian alone it can cause stomach ache, not to mention if you eat it with milk which is also high in fiber! So maybe don’t take the risk, and eat just one at a time.

The most popular ‘theory’ in recent times says that before and after eating durian, do not take any medicine, including vaccines. In fact, there are no scientific studies that show a connection between the two. Only individuals with health conditions are not encouraged to eat durian in large quantities. Why?.

Smelly But Incredibly Nutritious

Like other fruits, durian contains various vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. It can help the digestive process, promote the production of red blood cells, increase the body’s immunity and produce hormones such as serotonin and melotonin that are useful in controlling emotions, reducing stress and improving sleep quality.

However, any food, no matter how high its nutritional value, the risk is still there if eaten in large quantities (as many of us are today). Durian also contains high sugar and potassium if eaten in excess. This is definitely not good for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, kidneys and even pregnant women. The sugar level that rises suddenly as a result of eating durian excessively is what has the potential to trigger common ‘phenomena-phenomena’ after eating durian, such as heat, dizziness and so on. But if eaten in small quantities, there is no problem.

The key here is simplicity. Do not eat durian excessively, no matter how bad you ‘crave’. Eating just to satisfy cravings is enough. Also drink a lot of plain water when eating durian to rebalance the sugar in the body system. Avoid eating durian with any substance or medicine, since there is no accurate study on its side effects. If still in doubt, seek the advice of doctors and medical experts.

This order is not only for durian fans, but for any fruit and food. Just like the message of the iconic director Francis Ford Coppola.  Maybe that’s why he’s not a fan of durian!

Too much of a good thing is not a good thing
Francis ford coppola

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