Which Drink To Go With Your Meds (And Which To Avoid)?


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We have seen in movies how the cast took meds with any liquid they could find the quickest. While that adds to the dramatic effects and all, you would not want such drama in your real life. We seldom stop and think what drinks our meds should go with. We often think that as long as it can help the meds to go down our throat smoother, it is okay. However, taking your meds with certain types of drinks could be more harmful than you thought. 


One of the most popular companions to medicines is coffee. According to UNISEL’s Faculty of Health Sciences, an average Malaysian is said to consume up to 2.5 cups of coffee every day, making it one of the most obvious choices. Unfortunately, little did we know that coffee could disrupt your heartbeat, if taken with some drugs. Some may even cause blood clots.

Some are being too casual by taking medicines with carbonated drinks. A study by the University of South California shows that while carbonated drink alone could cause heartburn and may lead to oesophageal cancer, asthma, pneumonia and many other diseases, taking it with drugs will make them worse and spread faster. This ‘partnership’ can even cause allergies of form insoluble calcium salts in your body.

One of the most famous Malaysian ‘theories’ is never to take meds with coconut water because it can ‘sour it down’. While it might be laughable to some, the actual consequence could be worse. According to the MOH, upon reaction against the meds, the rich chemical content in coconut water could disrupt heart functions, lower down blood pressure to an extreme level and turn your blood density haywire. 

Same goes with tea, fruit juice – well the list goes on and on – as long as they’re flavoured, let’s just play safe and not take them with medicines. Even cold plain water is not advisable, as it could force our body to work harder to dissolve the drugs. 

However, not all of these apply to all types of medicine. The side effects could also vary with different persons. That is why you must know which meds are not suitable for which drinks, specifically to your body. Always consult your doctor if you’re unsure. The safest bet still – always take your meds with plain warm water. Not only it is safe, but it will also help dissolve the meds easier.

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