BUSTED : Myths on Vaccines!


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The Covid-19 vaccination is the most heated trending topic nowadays. The vaccination programme in our country is significantly progressing, having entered its second phase recently. By mid-April, over 9 million Malaysians would have registered, and more than a million to have received their first dose. A global study by the Employment Hero has shown that 70% of local employers are willing to make it compulsory for their employees to get vaccinated, which is way higher than the percentage of employers in the UK (33%), Australia (33%) and New Zealand (35%).

This is in a way a means of harm reduction. Vaccinations are by all means a preventive measure, in ensuring that one is protected from the harms and pain that the 2019 novel coronavirus brings

However, while vaccination programmes are picking up its pace, baseless rumors about the inefficiency of the vaccine are starting to spread. Some insist that it is important to be vaccinated, in way to cure Covid-19, while others argue that the fact that it is not made compulsory shows how it’s not that crucial. Along with debates come a long list of never-ending myths, including conspiracy theories. No, it doesn’t alter your DNA, nor does it cause Covid-19 to  healthy person.

But yes, while Covid-19 vaccines are highly effective, none of them have had a 100% success rate. This means, a small number of people might still become infected after being fully vaccinated, based on their antibody levels, as we have seen after the first phase recently. But those infections are expected to be typically mild, or symptom-free. Our national hero – DG Noor Hisham explained, the symptoms shown by the re-infected are less severe and manageable.

Therefore, precautions must still be taken, to avoid these symptoms altogether. Getting vaccinated does not guarantee you a hall pass, sorry.

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