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Medication - Side effect & Allergies

All medications can cause side effects, but some can also cause allergies. It is very crucial to tell the difference between these two. One of the key differences between an allergy and a side effect is that your immune system dictates the allergic response, but it plays no role in side effects. Instead, side effects are consequences of the way the medication works.

Keep Calm

Panics never help with anything and almost always make things worse

Act Swifly

The quicker you take proper action, the higher the chances or reversing such symptoms

Meet The Pro

Visit a doctor or better yet a medical specialist, or preferably an allergist to diagnose your allergy

Be it the medication prescribed by your doctor or bought from over-the-counter at supermarkets and pharmacies, both have the same risks to people that are allergic to them. The allergies come in a few different levels, with different degrees of severeness. Mild or general allergic symptoms might include sleepiness, dizziness, nausea, itchiness, rashes and swellings, while severe allergic reactions could cause anaphylaxis or even death. When you took these meds, you surely expected to recover from some diseases, right? So, these kinds of effects are certainly not ideal and not worth taking.

Never ignore the symptoms, as you’re actually racing against time, with your own life as the stake. If you face any of the symptoms, whatever degree it is, within short period after consumption, remember to follow these steps:

Once you’re free from the after effects, you might want to consider taking a moment to report to www.bpfk.gov.my and help establish the database for the sake of others, in order to help others to reduce the potential harm that they might face. 

Anyone allergic will be given a Medicine Allergy Card, which is a way to help individuals to reduce the risk of exposing themselves to unnecessary harm in the foreseeable future. Make sure you carry this with you all the time. It is also useful to inform your work supervisors, colleagues or people around you of your allergies, so they know how to help, or what to inform the medical response team later. If you have the history of drugs allergies, or at risk at facing severe allergic reaction, always carry a device to inject adrenaline as safety precaution. Make sure you always have access to mobile phones to call for help, and never go anywhere without at least one other person’s knowledge. These steps might sound small, but it is one small step that could save your life. 

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