Harm Awareness Association Malaysian Organisation of Vape Entity

The Harm Awareness Association was established as an independent association that is at the forefront of reducing harm in every aspect of life. We exist to partner and champion consumers by providing them with ample information and make the public more informed about harm reduction initiatives.

This was sparked by the lack of locally available information on topics that are relevant to Malaysians. We believe, having awareness on harm and how to reduce it is important. We truly understand that much of the available information are currently conflicting and often creates confusion – leading to misinformed decision making. In this world of constant fake news, we want to ensure that the public are not fallen victim to wrong assumptions.

In line with our fight to reduce harm in every day life for Malaysians - we’re working to inform Malaysians with English and Malay Articles under our UPDATES section.

The Harm Awareness Association, to support the cause of ensuring the public are well aware that they have a choice – be it to quit/reduce smoking, family planning, health related issue. What we want is for every consumer, especially in Malaysia to be able to make informed decisions that will reduce the harm that their habits and actions that are or may be harming them in the short and long term.


Aziaan Ariffin

Hailing from the Pearl of the Orient, Pulau Pinang - Aziaan Ariffin has a long-standing history and experience in various industries including Healthcare and Human Resource. With the plethora of projects he’s been actively a part of - Aziaan now heads the Harm Awareness Association as the President, providing thought leadership, sense of objective, direction and empowerment to ensure more Malaysians are aware of harm reducing alternatives.

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