Our mission is to educate advocate represent the right of consumers to acess information that enables better lifestyle choices through the principle of Harm Reduction.

Harm Awareness Association believes in harm reduction as a workable approach to reduce hazards/risks in our daily lives. Stay tuned as we are currently building this website as a hub for your reference on issues of harm reduction and how you can take an active step towards living life with lesser risks!

What is harm reduction

Harm Reduction

Harm reduction is fundamentally a principle in opening up avenues to alternatives and better informed choices – whether to prevent or eradicate harm inducing habits or activities. According to Harm Reduction International (hri.global), Harm Reduction should encompass a range of health and social practices. These include, but are not limited to smoking, drug consumption, dietary and much more. This is in accordance to avoid stigma and to keep people alive whilst encouraging positive change in their lives. By practicing harm reduction efforts, alternatives can be sought after rather than leaving consumers with no choice.


Smoking Awareness

Most people who smoke already knew that cigarette smoking and secondhand smoke can cause death. But the fear of dying from smoking-related causes did not motivate people to take action to quit. 


Dietary Awareness

Adequate and proper nutrition is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. It is essential to promote an awareness of the nutrients contained in foods.


Drugs Awareness

Drug addiction is a complex brain disease characterized by compulsive, uncontrollable drug craving that persists even when knowing the extremely negative consequences.


Road Safety Awareness

The worldwide traffic safety crisis is due, in part, to rapid increases in motorization without sufficient improvement in road safety and land-use planning.

Which one is it?

Tobacco Harm Reduction

Tobacco harm reduction (THR) believes that reducing the levels of harm from tobacco use among smokers is the priority because eliminating exposure to nicotine is not always achievable. Thus, the main objective of THR is to help smokers switch to less harmful alternatives.

Facts or Fiction

The concept of harm reduction was originally a public health intervention aimed at reducing the risk of intravenous drug users from developing HIV from the sharing of unsafe needles which could transmit the disease.

E-cigarettes are a healthy choice. |Nicotine patches and gum are as bad for me as smoking.

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